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I'm Cat.


Amongst many other things, I'm a graphic artist, designer, crafter and, most importantly, a dog enthusiast.  

If you're looking for someone to design a logo for your business or promotional flyers, or perhaps there’s a special place you want to recreate, or you’d love a pawtrait of your special pup, then look no further.

Welcome to dePicture

A Bit About Me

When I started out, I loved painting landscapes, and my favourite medium was acrylic on canvas.  I still love painting landscapes (among other things) but I now prefer to use graphic art.  The practicalities are exactly the same; however, it's so much more versatile and I can pick up my work and put it down whenever I want to.   I can also send my paintings in a format that lets you decide how you want to use them - for example have them printed on canvas, a cushion, or a jumper.  

Painting makes me genuinely happy and I absolutely love creating Pawtraits of pooches; so much so, that when I was building my initial pawtfolio I wasn't afraid of being a bit weird (it comes oh so naturally) and asking people if I could take photos of their beautiful puppers for the purpose of art. 


I just love creating the art of the possible...


Cat x 





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